Vicki Crystal; spiritual life coach

I was dealing with some very intense challenges recently; usually, I can breathe through things that are a challenge or practice coming back to mindfulness and the Heart.  For the first time in my life, I actually was having some physical responses to what I was going through along with extreme exhaustion. We talked a bit then Clare started the sound bath.
My entire body melted away and I was in a  very real state of transcendence.
Realizing not with my thinking mind but with my Heart-Mind that I Am not a body but so much more. Clare’s beautiful chanting with her Shruti coupled with the bowls and bells took me to places that were so healing it felt like a spring shower washing over me.  I never imagined it could be so powerful over a zoom setup, yet I am aware of how energy transmits through time & space.  When it was over I had no physical discomfort and my energy level came back immediately. I felt that I was given the gift of myself once again. Thank you, Clare.