Jagat Jaiswal – Banker

Clare is a soulful singer. I, for the first time, happened to listen to Clare sing through her song ‘Revere’ and instantly I knew some peace of the mystical nature of God was to fall on me. I, as if instructed by my inner self, closed my eyes and I was transported back to my childhood school days at a hilly town in incredible India. I virtually experienced sitting in a temple with my eyes closed and music flowing through each sediment of my body and mind. Her music is like deep meditation. You don’t need to work to concentrate and focus; in fact your mind automatically finds the path to peace though her voice and beautiful music blended spiritually through it. I almost felt like being involved in deep conversation with God. I had not felt like this in quite a long time and I thank Clare for this. Since then, I have heard Clare through her other albums. Her each new rendition from other albums of her, mingled with music of Shruti, offers me the same experience that I had for the first time listening to ‘Revere’. It heals the inner self in unimaginable, positive ways. May God bless her and her effort to make the world a better, liveable, place.