Sounds of Faith

Berkeley Art Center performance collaboration with Spiritual Artist Salma Arastu. “Join us for an exhibition showcasing local Muslim women artists, including Salma Arastu, Bassamat Fayoumi Bahnasy, Manli Salimah Chao, Rabea Chaudhry, Rubina Kazi, Yasmin Khafagi, Azeem Khaliq, Nabeela Sajjad and Ayesha Samdani. Inspired by the beauty of Arabic calligraphy — which developed from the Islamic … Read more

West Coast Dowsers Conference

“Intuition into Action”: The West Coast Dowsing Conference is a summer camp for dowsers and anyone involved with exploring consciousness, held among the wisdom of the Redwood tress in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.  Location: Stevenson College, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

Spirit Renewal Retreat

Through a combination of ritual, art, creativity, music, movement, and inspiration from our own inner Goddesses and archetypes, we will explore our soul’s deep wisdom and delight in the unleashing of stagnant or forgotten dreams and desires to connect with our divine feminine and revel in our power once more. “God may be in the … Read more