Healing Sound Sets

Sometimes the best way to receive a healing is with a CD or MP3 playlist that will support your energy work, creative endeavours, that yoga session, or even your work at your desk.

When it’s in your own hands, you can play it at your convenience and for your own meditative pleasure – or give to another as a lovely surprise! Download music for your device or music player and never worry about streaming music lag our time outs.

Please enjoy this sample track and sets and go to the Audio Store on this site to listen, peruse and purchase your choices.

Sample Sets

Moonmist and Africa Returns each consist of two beautiful and relaxing half hour pieces, designed for what is commonly known, in sound healing, as ‘passive’ listening. This gives the mind enough to listen to to engage it, but is not so melodically active as to activate the mind to think. This takes the listener into a place where the body can relax and receive intentional sound healing whilst the mind floats above any clouds of concern. In this place a person can journey into the etheric realms where they can connect with healing beauty.

One of my most recent albums is Sacred Water, recorded over a two year period and very much a project on deep listening and recording in sacred places, especially in UK, in order to receive the musical insights of both the land, the water and the air. Interwoven with voice – a truly elemental blend of angelic and land wisdom.