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You heard us at Grace, now you can download Ege and Clare’s first collaborative CD and donate what you feel such beautiful music is worth in your life!
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“I wanted to reach out to you because I’ve just released a new CD, recorded and created with Egemen Sanli and it’s totally healing me. It was created from a place of devotion, focus and surrender. We jammed over two days, and then listened back, selected the tracks, added new elements and overdubs and suddenly we had created something that surprised us. I’d love to share it with you because of its healing qualities. And I’m hearing feedback from people who are playing it at work and finding themselves crying as a way of loving release – as am I, when hearing it. There is something special here that has come through, a portal of some kind and I just want you, and your community, to know about it and benefit from it.” Artist, Clare Hedin

Egemen Sanli and I met by chance (or divine intervention!) at Grace Cathedral, where we both do live music for yoga (600+ people attend). We had one jam session and, before we knew it, we were recording our first album together – this one. We both feel excited to share it with you. It has its roots in Turkey, India, England and the Divine Elemental. We know you are going to love it! Please share this page with friends so everyone can! Many Blessings!

“Come and feel your own body and soul enter this deep transcendental shift of consciousness – connecting both earth and spirit in you. Come back to your roots, your spirit, in the elemental dance of the Elemental Trance.” Ege & Clare.

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