7 Stages of Self-Transformation

Coming July 2016

Sign up for this 7 week program to explore your own process of self-transformation in these 7 easy stages! Watch friendly videos, journal, enjoy self-reflective and creative assignments, share your discoveries and questions in a participant-only forum. Meet new people who are exploring, just like you!

By watching 7 short videos (one/week) on “7 Stages of Self-Transformation” you will;
  • Discover what the 7 stages are.
  • See which stage you are currently in.
  • Engage  your creativity and transform your truth.
  • Figure out how to meet yourself compassionately as an ever-evolving work of art.
  • Understand what family, friends and colleagues are going through.
  • Make new decisions to improve work and relational situations.
  • Relax into who you are and how you’re doing!
  • Become inspired and grow your creative confidence.
  • Have fun and inspire others!

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