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Songwriter/Topliner Vocals

Elemental Ambient Voicescapes

Creating magic with Clare!

Clare gave me amazing textures and energy for Rift Storm Legion – efficient, accurate, creative, amazing vocals. She also came up with multiple sonic moods and textures – great to work with. 

Inon Zur, EMMY award-winner, and three-time BAFTA nominated composer

Listening to your voice in ‘White Nature’. WOW!! There is something we can do together with your singing and my production, for sure. 

Mark Haffner, EMMY award-winning Producer/Composer,  Sync Agent

I’m working on ‘Like Nothing Else’ right now. You gave me several vocal timbres on this track, it’s so great!!! It gives some new ideas to develop further this track… with your voice, it’s so unique.

Sandy Kamerzin, Producer/Composer

How do I work with Clare?

I’m happy to meet you! I’ve been singing for years and love it. I’m fascinated by textures and elemental sounds. I write, produce, record in my studio and do voiceover work (I have a warm, middle-upper class, British accent). I bring technique, improvisation, a strong work ethic, a classical background, and technical skill to any production.  

Location: PDT –  I’m based in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Setup: Logic PRO,  Avalon M5 pre-amps, and AT4050 Mic. 

Born in the UK I moved to California in my 20’s. Rumour has it that I’m reliable, fun, and easy to work with! Please email me with any questions and let me know about the project you’d like me to work on.

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Public Reviews on Clare's sound

"Clare Hedin calls from the core of the earth with the voice of our universal indigeneity. She is the voice of our aching. the longing for connection. She is all of us grieving irreplaceable losses of species. These sounds bring us home to our bodies and to our Mother. Listen deeply,"

“There are no words to describe how Clare invited the Divine into our worship service. The Divine appeared and stayed with us for the rest of the service. To talk after she sang was to bring the profane into such a hallowed sacred space. There was not a dry eye in the room. We were changed in those moments."

“Where did that sound in your voice come from?? When you started to sing I burst into tears… it cycled through… it’s really profound. I wasn’t expecting it and it blew me open to hear an old ancestral song in this setting. It was so strong and heartfelt for lineages back, it went so far back. It felt like a prayer and a yearning place. It was really very special and very intense."

“Oh, so beautiful, penetrating and moving. I love your new album, Grief and Praise. I love you and your voice which is an instrument of peace and healing."

“Clare is an incredible vocalist… yet I think of her more as a sound sculptorist of the first order."

“Your music at Grace Cathedral was out of this world and touched my heart deeply. I felt my body moving with waves of energy created by your drums and your voice. I could feel the exact frequencies changing and it was beautiful. Your voice is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your voice and your music! It was an amazing, transformative, and unforgettable experience!"

“I finally met an artist who has the ability to transport me onto the edge of reality. Clare Hedin’s art is an explosion of sensations that mutate and intertwine by involving the user in time and space. With her magical mastery I felt light as I walked through worlds she created through voice and music."

“My entire body melted away and I was in a very real state of transcendence, realizing that I am not a body but so much more. Clare’s beautiful chanting with her Shruti coupled with the bowls and bells took me to places that were so healing it felt like a spring shower washing over me. I am aware of how energy transmits through time & space. When it was over I had no physical discomfort and my energy level came back immediately."

“Wow, Clare! This is extraordinary. I felt my body sink into the earth, down through the mica and mycelium, where an underground river carried me through a cave-scape with carvings, like rememberings or instructions along its walls. And then toward a shimmering back wall that opened up. And there I was on the top of a mountain, gusty winds blowing my skirts. Around me, a sisterhood of ancient crones. What an initiation!"

“I have never heard such a wide range in a voice, felt like a whole chorus and from different cultures, even. She brought the whole continent and several highest levels in my living room..effortlessly and humble. The tones took my soul away and opened the wings to fly beyond in an unlimited bright space… on a body level, I could deeply feel that my cells filled with pure love joy, and peace. Sounds to make my heart sing and my inner body shine and radiate, creating an inner oasis of purest oneness."