Cecil, @Findhorn workshop

For the healing sounds from Clare was very powerful, I was the sound and went very deep inside, were there any more, inside and outside, deeper as the centre of the earth, deeper as the space between the galaxies. The first healing sound from Clare was so strong, a breakthough, and that’s the most important … Read more

Almut, @Findhorn workshop

Hej Namasteeeee DEAREST CLARE, THANK YOU SOOOOO SUPER MUCH!! May I ask You for the address of the Shruti VOICE of GOD maker, please? When You come back I would LOVE us each taking turns to sing healing for the whole group. I much prefer singing and living with intention creating Peace of purpose. May … Read more

Jena, Voice Work

Clare is a light. She really helped me confront the fear of my voice. Making funny faces and strange noises to soften and break down my insecurity of sound was both scary and freeing. Through her exercises of breath and release, I was able to let go and give the gift of music to myself … Read more

Rebecca Shafi, The Women’s Retreat, Middletown, Lake County, CA.

We hired Clare Hedin as the resident Sound Healer for our Spirit Renewal Retreat in May 2015. Clare showed up and infused the entire group with her infectious energy, amazing and healing sound sessions, and mostly her thoughtful and loving presence. She was entirely present for the duration of the retreat and added a dimension … Read more

Sandra Conde

Clare was a fantastic vocal teacher! She was sincere and came to each class prepared to work with each student’s abilities. All her classes were creative and invited me to reach beyond my limits as a singer and access the essence of spirit doing the singing. I was challenged for sure and looked forward to … Read more