Rebecca Shafi, The Women’s Retreat, Middletown, Lake County, CA.

We hired Clare Hedin as the resident Sound Healer for our Spirit Renewal Retreat in May 2015. Clare showed up and infused the entire group with her infectious energy, amazing and healing sound sessions, and mostly her thoughtful and loving presence. She was entirely present for the duration of the retreat and added a dimension … Read more

Rev. Janice Caine-Brewster

Clare is a wonderful voice training coach. She is passionate in believing that with effort and breath training anyone can become a good speaker. I met Clare at Grace North Church (Berkeley, CA) when I was Master of Ceremonies. I was quite nervous about my first big speaking engagement. Somehow I got through it. At … Read more

Dawn Kinsella

Dearest Clare, I can’t be with you tonight for singing. Am absolutely gutted and feel as though torn from my mother. Sandi and I sang The dark of the Moon song the next morning at 7am from the top of the Tor all the way down to near the white spring till we became hoarse … Read more

Ulrika Tham

I have a very “shy” singing-voice, which can vanish easily, especially the high notes. I was convinced as a child and growing up, that I couldn’t sing at all. However the wish to sing was very strong and I have done quite a lot of voice-work over the years. I discovered when trying to sing … Read more

Stephanie Seipp

Thank you so much for the healing sound journey we took on Sunday. I am still with the eagle spirit. The song is still with me, I sing it in my car, at home, … and I use my voice, body and facial expression whenever the anxiety is coming up. Its a great tool! Helping … Read more