Why I get tears in my eyes when I not sad? I am surprised by the beauty of her energy in her hands, when they touch me I feel ‘calm’ inside. And then when her voice begins, I start to see rainbows. There is so much joy now and I am grateful. I will never … Read more

Jan Cercone

There are harmonics our souls yearn for… seek, and when heard it strikes a deep chord of remembrance that we haven’t had before in this lifetime. Clare’s voice plunged me into this return to home, so her voice is truly of the divine. I’ve been waiting for her voice my whole life.

Suzanne Cerny

After meeting Clare Hedin for the first time, I requested a one hour Reiki treatment. I liked her credentials which explain that she intuitively helps with life changes. I had been a little stressed over a move that I am making in my life. I was excited to read in her websites and links how … Read more