Alexandra, Art Therapist, Corfu/Vienna.

I have never heard such a wide range in a voice, felt like a whole chorus and from different cultures, even.  She brought the whole continent and several highest levels in my living room..effortlessly and humble. The tones took my soul away and opened the wings to fly beyond in an unlimited bright space… on … Read more

Michel Van Amsterdam, Founder; The Dialogue Summit

In a still highly fragmented and divided world, it is a great blessing to work with people like Clare Hedin. We had the honor to work with her during the Dialogue Summit 2020 and we were deeply moved and inspired by the way Clare brought in the healing while re-connecting sounds of her chant and … Read more

Ben Roberts, Group Process Artist & Systemic Change Agent

I have had the privilege of working with Clare Hedin since early 2019, and continue to be blown away by the power and beauty of her work.  The unique way in which she brings together sound, music, and processes for healing and connecting deeply has helped me to embrace my own identity as a group … Read more

Anita L. Sanchez – Indigenous Leader/Author/Elder

Good medicine is anything or anyone that puts in alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  Bad medicine is anything or anyone that takes out of alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  When I experienced Clare Hedin’s sound healing while attending an international conference, I knew immediately that she is good medicine, aligning at … Read more

Suzanne Astar – Mystical Somatic Practitioner

Clare’s voice pierces the air and brings forth a sound that helps us remember. Her voice is gutteral, deep and rich, evoking the sounds you would make on top of a windy mountain or standing looking out a desert. She carries the sounds of ancestors, weaving a sonic tapestry of the seen and unseen. Like … Read more