Nat Fee – Author, TV Presenter, Founder City To Sea

Working with Clare has been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my TV presenting career. In terms of voice coaching, the difference over the weeks was remarkable – I went from being on edge and not altogether comfortable in front of the camera to feeling happy, relaxed and authentic. I’ve also had … Read more

Tonia Hafter – Massage Therapist and Healing Practitioner

Clare has a special capacity to access small doors into a persons subconscious. Her approach with me sometimes is surprising, An extremely good listener, she sometimes pulls an idea out that begins a process of unraveling knots of resistance in me. She has an insight of care and almost what one could identify as a … Read more

Jagat Jaiswal – Banker

Clare is a soulful singer. I, for the first time, happened to listen to Clare sing through her song ‘Revere’ and instantly I knew some peace of the mystical nature of God was to fall on me. I, as if instructed by my inner self, closed my eyes and I was transported back to my childhood … Read more

Anna Sexton

Clare is warm, caring and spot on with her insights. She coached with me about how my voice comes across in different ways at different times i.e. what others may read into my voice if I am stressed or driven for example. She gave her input in a loving and non-judgemental fashion seeking to guide … Read more

Jan Cercone

There are harmonics our souls yearn for… seek, and when heard it strikes a deep chord of remembrance that we haven’t had before in this lifetime. Clare’s voice plunged me into this return to home, so her voice is truly of the divine. I’ve been waiting for her voice my whole life.