Ginger McLaren, Dowser

I heard you for 3 minutes. I have never been exposed to healing music before. I am a person that interprets vibrations. Your music is something I want to hear. … Read more

Suzanne Baker – Healer

Your music moved me and touched me beyond words. It was like a soulful connection that radiated out of you and touched my soul in deep ways.

Joan Allekotte – Musician

Clare’s voice reflects her name – a clear and pure sound that reminds us that heaven is right here with us, in midst of life. When she sings one is … Read more

Karen Latvala

Your sounding work was a wonderful addition to our retreat. After each dialog session, it brought us together heart to heart, sharing our feelings as we moved freely, sometimes chanting. … Read more


I found Clare’s sound journey haunting and moving; I emerged from the experience with a real appreciation of the ability of sound to heal and to make whole.