Rachel Bailey, Filmmaker/Producer

We just had Clare join our team for a session. It was great! Her calm questioning alongside her warmth and enthusiasm gave us a solid foundation to work from. She helped us slow down, listen to each other, explore more deeply, and tease out shared ideas and vision for the project. I would recommend her … Read more

Ben Roberts, Group Process Artist & Systemic Change Agent

I have had the privilege of working with Clare Hedin since early 2019, and continue to be blown away by the power and beauty of her work.  The unique way in which she brings together sound, music, and processes for healing and connecting deeply has helped me to embrace my own identity as a group … Read more

Felicia Parazaider

Clare has helped me access and nurture my leadership gifts and find my voice in a very different way. She creates such an intensely supportive and creative space that you cannot resist but deep dive with her and see what happens. It has been wonderful to see myself grow personally, spiritually, and ministerially. Interestingly, I … Read more

Paul Tallman

The equation for a perfect presentation is simplicity plus a loveable presenter; a smile that can make people remember and a charm that links your ideas to theirs… certain people have this charm… it is like a talent; people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama… have the ability to get up on a … Read more

Dr. Carr-Ruffino

As a teacher, Clare has an edge, an advantage, in that she has comprehensive experience in all aspects that this class covers: healing, energy awareness, communication and presentation skills, teaching and creative arts (she is an active artist), and founded two small businesses of her own. On the one hand she gives a lens, and … Read more