Youvan, Germany/Corfu. Masseuse, Craftmaker.

When I meet Clare the first time, I felt seen from her in a way not many people do, with deep empathy and understanding about being highly sensitive. I did not care about her way of giving sessions, I knew that I wanted one… for me the energy is more important than a technique. And I did right with my decision! After 30 years on my healing way, something very amazing happened… Clare gave me a key, I have been searching for years… Healing of sexual and mental abuse on body level… Words and sounds reached my cells. [Sound Healing & Voice Coaching]

I hired her also for mentoring a conflict with a friend. It was so helpful and again the found the “point”! Thank you for your Light & Love & help. [Dynamic Conflict Sound Healing]

[Note from Clare: I used sound and deep listening and reflection to help both parties be, and feel, understood, gotten, and able to find a path forward out of blame into willing engagement and self-ownership… transitioning from simply experiencing to experiencing & observing – a profound shift to witness & facilitate with their willingness to be so open].