Suzanne Astar – Mystical Somatic Practitioner

Clare’s voice pierces the air and brings forth a sound that helps us remember. Her voice is gutteral, deep and rich, evoking the sounds you would make on top of a windy mountain or standing looking out a desert. She carries the sounds of ancestors, weaving a sonic tapestry of the seen and unseen. Like listening to a good jazz player, you can tell she knows the fundamentals of music and chooses to live in the richness of the present moment, of improvisation. With sound she shapes the space, giving permission to reverberate with the mystic in all of us who cries out with desire for the infinite and is satiated simultaneously in the joy of the prayer itself. To see Clare live, is like stepping into a sanctuary that she creates inside of every space she sings inside. To see Clare live, ignites a passion to express our creativity with passion and also invites us to rest inside the sweetness of sound harmoniously lived through Clare’s everyday attunement to consciousness and spiritual integration. [Sound Healing/Performance]