Rommie, medicine woman.

Where did that sound in your voice come from??… I feel good and really content. Had that nice feeling of travel, my body let go and there was travel time. When you first started to sing I just busted out into tears… where did you get that? It cycled through… it sounded just like one of my medicine songs and it’s just really profound for me. I wasn’t expecting that and it just blew me open to hear an old ancestral song in this setting and not having met before and you sang something I’ve been singing when I’m alone or with a few close friends that I trust. It was just so intense to hear my ancestral song, something out loud that I sing, come back at me. I can feel it, I know the purpose of the song. How did that just happen?? It’s an old Shayan song, I wasn’t expecting it from you, with a British accent, and a white woman. So profound. I sobbed. It was really strong and heartfelt for lineages back, it went so far back. It felt like a prayer and a yearning place. It was really very special and very intense.