Rev. Janice Caine-Brewster

Clare is a wonderful voice training coach. She is passionate in believing that with effort and breath training anyone can become a good speaker.

I met Clare at Grace North Church (Berkeley, CA) when I was Master of Ceremonies. I was quite nervous about my first big speaking engagement. Somehow I got through it. At the end of the evening Clare came over to me and said “you know, you could be a powerful presence…it is in you!” she didn’t say how or why but I was left with this feeling of Wow, somebody saw something in me that I would like to tap into. As my vision and my public appearances continued to grow Clare’s words kept coming back to me and I phoned her to ask her what she meant. She told me that she works with people using methods that prepare people to use their voice with confidence. She works to bring out that passion behind the words. She said she could feel my passion and knew that with some guidance I could become someone people wanted to listen to. Needless to say I worked with Clare and found that now I can stand up without notes and speak from my heart, and forget that once I was very anxious about this same thing. Thank you Clare so much. I will never forget you.