Rebecca Shafi, The Women’s Retreat, Middletown, Lake County, CA.

We hired Clare Hedin as the resident Sound Healer for our Spirit Renewal Retreat in May 2015. Clare showed up and infused the entire group with her infectious energy, amazing and healing sound sessions, and mostly her thoughtful and loving presence. She was entirely present for the duration of the retreat and added a dimension of sound, music, creativity and thought that would have been missing had she not taken part. Clare’s group sessions were nothing short of inspired; through her deep intuition and nurturing nature, she read the group and delivered exactly what we needed. She provided a group sound healing session, group sings, and a session of fun and laughter as well. Playing with sound was a new experience for most and it invigorated our group like nothing else could. Clare also provided individual healing sessions and I know first-hand that several of the women experienced major personal breakthroughs. Hiring Clare as an addition to the retreat was a real blessing to those of us who were leading the retreat, and it was life-changing for our retreaters. I am so thankful for the many gifts Clare offers, and grateful that our paths have crossed in this lifetime. She is a true gem. [Sound Workshop Leader]

[After hiring Clare for her Sound Healing gifts the first year, she then went on to co-design the same retreat the following years as a partner, because it was such a success. Her judgment for aesthetic design around people’s healing is highly attuned. She is a pleasure to work with and her insights in collaborative space have proven to bring a richness and safety to the process, bringing people together and allowing space for us all to breathe into the creative process.] [Facilitator]