Taize at Grace North Church

On the last Friday of each month, you can come and walk the Labyrinth to live musicians at Grace North Church, 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA. At our monthly Interfaith Labyrinth Walk, we light our labyrinth with 97 candles, and as our band plays chants from various world religions. This is a free-form service, with few words … Read more

Yoga at Grace Cathedral

Come and enjoy live music with Clare Hedin and Gary Malkin at Grace Cathedral, 6.15pm-7.30pm. Led by Darren Main. Details here.

Drowning in life, learning to swim.

tim and clare pics-page-001I would say for the last 6+ months I have been steadily driving faster and faster towards a brick wall with my own exhausting and complex lifestyle (which, ironically, does involve a lot of driving). I had been ignoring the building stress which was becoming increasingly painful. So life finally found the emergency brake for me.

Recently I visited a friend in Stinson Beach, CA. The day was beautiful and warranted a swim after a long drive. I went out into the ocean with a certain, definite, stride. It was, at first, a playful enjoyment. I felt confident and strangely defiant. I knew my strengths as a swimmer.

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