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Clare Hedin is a vocal, tonal, resonance and energy master. She reads the underlying dynamics and aspiration in a group field and brings those hidden dimensions into the most fulfilling and harmonious expression. Clare knows that the evolving edge of healing lies in exploring our collective emergence…and she knows how to bring us to that edge. Maybe you have never heard the sound of our collective longing, our collective sorrow or our collective joy but you will in the presence of her work!  James O’Dea, Shift Network Peace Ambassador, Former Director Amnesty International, Faculty & Former President Institute of Noetic Sciences, CO, USA [Crestone Peace Activist Leadership Conference]

Good medicine is anything or anyone that puts in alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical… When I experienced Clare Hedin’s sound healing while attending an international conference, I knew immediately that she is good medicine, aligning at every level.  The 30 minutes of her sound healing produced such well-being:  healing, clarity, and energy to be in hope-filled action.  I look forward to the next opportunity to draw on Clare’s wisdom, expertise, and intuition.  Anita L. Sanchez Ph.D. Organization Development, international and award-winning author, speaker, consultant, trainer [Findhorn Climate Crisis & Consciousness Conference, UK]

Clare’s voice pierces the air and brings forth a sound that helps us remember. Her voice is gutteral, deep and rich… She carries the sounds of ancestors, weaving a sonic tapestry of the seen and unseen… With sound she shapes the space, giving permission to reverberate with the mystic in all of us who cries out with desire for the infinite and is satiated simultaneously in the joy of the prayer itself. To see Clare live, is like stepping into a sanctuary that she creates inside of every space she sings inside. To see Clare live, ignites a passion to express our creativity with passion and also invites us to rest inside the sweetness of sound harmoniously lived through Clare’s everyday attunement to consciousness and spiritual integration.  Suzanne Astar – Mystical Somatic Practitioner [live sound healing recording session, USA]

At the heart of her work, she gave children the opportunity to listen and connect to beautiful music. Many times I saw her enter a room, sense what musical choice would be most appropriate and then immediately and deeply connect with the patient and family through her music. Thank you so much for visiting our patients and their families. Your songs and music were such a success with the kids. Even the children who are traditionally the quietest and most withdrawn enjoyed and even participated during your time with them. Your ability to choose the right song certainly provided a meaningful connection for patients and parents and from my perspective, was so exciting to watch. Rebecca Rice, Child Life Specialist, Oakland Children’s Hospital, CA, USA.

I heard you for 3 minutes. I have never been exposed to healing music before.. I am a person that interprets vibrations. Your music is something I want to hear. You are a rare creator, who brings a strong connected energy to the world. It is special. I feel myself more and more intent on exposing myself to it. Ginger McLaren, Dowser. [Lake County, CA, USA Sound Healing presentation]

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I find that when you can get people quiet… it opens them to something bigger within that helps facilitate what we’re trying to achieve with yoga, and she’s doing it with sound… it’s really quite miraculous – Darren Main, Yoga Instructor, Author, Spiritual Teacher, San Francisco, CA.

She allows us to open our hearts and to go so much deeper that we typically go, and to re-embrace the experience of sound as something that truly is sacred, and truly has the capacity to transform us. Rev Jude Harmon, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA.

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We need to also act from a place of stillness, presence, expansion, the kind of place that clare’s music and sounding just takes us to. Robin Alfred, Conference Host.

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‘Using Vowel Sounds To Tune Into Your Body And Treat Common Conditions’ thesacredscience

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Podcast Interview: Healing Vibrations With Clare Hedin by Chanteau @ Soul Care University, 3/18

Protector of the sacred, and educator of the creative potential of humanity… just hearing that does things to my cellular structure. Chanteau

Listening… when you’re using your whole body as a vehicle for connection. CLH