Intention & Vision

Science and the art of consciousness and healing are what Clare explores, intellectually and experientially. Her approach to all of it is creativity and taking personal risk to learn more about how our Universe works and how energy moves from a human, and systemic, perspective. At the base is how our relationship to our beautiful Planet comes into this, and how Earth influences us, and vice versa. Clare explores with you our potential to evolve through music, and ways of knowing.

Dynamic Emergence is a new theory of Consciousness that encompasses all human voices, as well as Gaia’s voice, and participation, in our evolution. Humanity has the potential to participate in life, or to drastically alter it. It focuses on;

  • The living system nature of life,
  • How the universe talks to us,
  • How our energy influences our thoughts and feelings,
  • How we influence each other (unconsciously) and how environment (i.e. others) influence us,
  • How we lose our power and how to regain it,
  • How the Planet is a source of our knowing and our capacity to be in right relationship, and
  • How our disassociation from Earth as a living entity, a source of inherent personal relational power, is the reason we fall out of right relationship.

Sound and Music Healing focuses directly on the energetic influences affecting your field, and therefore your emotional, physical and thought capacity. It is our natural relationship to the pulse of life without borders.

Come to Clare’s sound healing events, performances, and demonstrations to deepen your understanding of who you are, who we are together, and to reclaim your inherent rights to live in harmonic relationship with all life.