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Self Expression Coach ~ Powerful Public Speaking ~ Transformative Presence ~ Your Voice Your Message ~ Sing & Heal ~ Develop Content

You came to this earth to deliver a message that will make a difference. I will help you do exactly that.

You can work directly with Clare, one-on-one, to help you with a personal project, a vision you would like to achieve, personal growth work or a creative business project. The work is entirely focused on you and your needs. It will push you to grow, by encouraging you to ‘dig in’ to who you are and accessing the resources you already have embedded within. It may also be a matter of finding, and crafting, the content you seek so that your message gets across effectively.

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  • Project Development: Creative Development – Content Development – Organising & Planning.
  • Public & Private Speaking: Develop your Voice – Clear & Powerful Messaging & Communication.
  • Singing: Transform a room just by opening your mouth!

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What other people are saying

‘Working with Clare has been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my TV presenting career. In terms of voice coaching, the difference over the weeks was remarkable – I went from being on edge and not altogether comfortable in front of the camera to feeling happy, relaxed and authentic. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Clare on a pitch for the BBC, in which her highly-developed communication skills and ability to see both sides of a story were stunningly helpful…You seem to have a natural ability to penetrate the surface of my struggles and make me dive deeper. Your questions inspire me to see things in a different light, whilst your presence and highly-attuned listening skills create a field of safety and acceptance that allows the shadows to not only be seen, but to be loved. You’ve taught me so much and your help is invaluable. Thank-you.’ 
Natalie Fee. Wellbeing Author “The Alchemy of Happiness” & Columnist, Soulful Media, Founder of City to Sea, Refill Bristol, & Communications Presenter

‘Clare Hedin has become my favorite person to explore ideas with. She is currently helping me with focused brainstorming around my startup game company which has been incredibly helpful. True to her name, Clare is blessed with a keen ability to quickly see, feel and understand complex situations and novel idea spaces with surprising clarity and depth, enabling her to instinctively ask the right next questions and to rapidly identify where things might be getting stuck. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Clare if you’re trying to grow or re-invent yourself or a business.’
Michael Mitchell, User Experience Design Strategist

Image result for jenny chisholm san francisco‘When I began working with Clare, I was feeling stuck. I was struggling with a changing work environment and no longer felt a vital part of the organisation I had built and loved. Clare helped me navigate the complicated emotions during this time, giving me a myriad of techniques to bring more clarity and visibility to challenges I was facing, as well as exploring other areas of creative advancement. Clare met me where I was, ready to dig in to whatever was most important for me at the time.  I loved the journaling exercises, the creative exploration through music, and other reflective exercises, but the most valuable tool in our work together was simply talking to her. She is tirelessly empathetic, never judgmental, and seems to just ‘get it’ all the time. Because of my work with Clare, I was able to move on from my job in a healthy way, keeping intact my positive feelings about my past accomplishments as well as maintaining important friendships. This was a deeply important transition in my life, and I am forever grateful to Clare for guiding me through it in such a compassionate way.’  
Jenny Chisholm, Business Consultant

‘Clare created a safe, open environment where I felt free to explore and find my voice. She combined encouragement, physical work, and brainstorming to help me discover the roots of the character I was searching for with a monologue, as well as helping me begin to hear my own voice in music work. Her intuitive, customised approach is wonderful and inspiring.’
Diana Carson, Actor

‘Clare has helped me access and nurture my leadership gifts and find my voice in a very different way. She creates such an intensely supportive and creative space that you cannot resist but deep dive with her and see what happens. It has been wonderful to see myself grow personally, spiritually, and ministerially. Interestingly, I came to Clare to become a better public speaker and minister, and I have received much, much more. Our appointments have helped me grow my ministry vision as well as give me practical ways to develop the ministry itself. Clare has a wonderfully organic way of working with you and being open to whatever comes up in the space as you journey together. So as the creativity abounds you never know what juicy treat you may leave with, and perhaps something you did not even think you needed.’ 
Interfaith Minister