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Dynamic Emergence – Loving who you are, as you are (Humanity Rising event)

February 28 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am PST

REGISTER: https://ubiverse.org/events/humanity-rising-day-422

Learn about fields of influence, the impact of knowing bias and the history of how different ways of knowing got excluded from civil discourse. Find new language to explain things to people who have been excluded or been elevated by select ways of knowing.

We are beings of energy, intelligence, and creativity descended from stardust, designed by living systems to be part of something phenomenal and ever-changing… to belong.

Within our design we have three distinct interior ways of knowing (rational, emotional, sensory) that help us orient – they are portals to our unique ways of being in the world. And we have our intuition connecting us so graciously to the realms beyond. Having grown up in a system that has a rational knowing bias, some of us lost the cultural and social mirrors that we need in order to know ourselves, our beauty, our gifts, and our sincere ability to contribute. This can affect our confidence, our sense of ‘permission’ to be, and our ability to know exactly how perfect we are, just as we are. We can wander in a fog of indecision, of separation, of not quite seeing ourselves clearly, and we can lose our power to be, to know, to speak up, and to change things. In a time of urgency, this is no longer sufficient or working.

Learn about fields of influence, inversion theory (the impact of knowing bias), the history of how different ways of knowing got excluded from civil structure-making, social design, and paradigmatic bias. Find new language to explain things to people who have a) been excluded b) been elevated by select ways of knowing.

Our different ways of knowing and languaging concepts and ideas (e.g. arts & environmental sensitivity) – generate an ability to express and contribute creatively with our unique insights, perceivable from our particular vantage points. If we are excluded, so is our impact. This means a lack of representation to a developing society’s choices and direction. We are seeing how unwise this is. It means that human and beyond-human voices get left out.

We are magical beings, living in a very ‘chatty’ and intelligent universe! Phenomenal and truly limitless in our capacity to connect and create together – the only thing that we need is to know that who we are, and how we are, is powerful, profound, and a portal to our liberty, our creativity, our justice. Life is alive, and so are we!

Clare Hedin is an artist, a healer, a wanderer, and a natural educator. She listens to the wind and represents the elements when she sings, creating montages of photographs and original music, speaking the soul of elements and beings when she paints. She has traveled the world listening, sharing, feeling, and understanding her own history and that of humanity. With a BA in Fine Arts, Creativity, Transformative Learning from CIIS, and an MA in Consciousness Studies from JFKU, she is an experiential learner who loves to commune in the aliveness of ‘reminder knowledge’. She co-founded the sound healing program at The Sound Healing Institute, SF, teaching 5 classes there, including interspecies communication, sounds of nature, and the nature of sound. She also teaches Creativity & Innovation at SFSU College of Business and advises students at Central St. Martin’s, London, in their Applied Imagination MA program. Her work and her cosmological map of consciousness – Dynamic Emergence – help us reconnect experientially, and conceptually, to our embeddedness IN planet Earth… giving back people’s permission to travel to liminal realms, and into the earth itself, in order to essentially reconnect and belong.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


February 28
8:00 am - 10:00 am PST