Dynamic Emergence Workshop

In this 6 week online workshop, watching videos and reviewing creative, original, mindmaps, we will review the phenomena of Dynamic Emergence both as a global subject and an individual process of belonging and expanding our creativity! It is important to understand that how we experience ourselves in situations is often a clue to both the potential and the hazards that lie within a context. In the workshop we will learn how to navigate the rising self awareness that is waiting for us, and through becoming skilled in this way, we can actually change the potential outcomes of difficult and/or inspiring situations.

We will do creative exercises, self reflective writing and self reflective processes. We will share in group conference calls and noticing exercises that you will do from week to week that we can compare notes on when we meet collectively on the phone and in the forum.

By the end of this workshop you will…

  • Better understand how energy works and how to work with it transformationally.
  • Discover the humor of the universe as a learning tool.
  • Be able to work with arising sensations and emotions in ways that feel comfortable and easier to understand.
  • Make decisions that support our well being, the pros and cons of answering “the call”.
  • Find the magic that belongs to us and our relationship to the universe.
  • Start to recognize your rising self-awareness as your creative path.
  • Feel more confident in asserting your own path.

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New dates are being setup. If you are interested in participating in this workshop please contact me or subscribe below for updates