Dynamic Emergence: Consciousness in the Creative Collective

I am currently writing Dynamic Emergence: Consciousness and the Creative Collective. This book explores the relationship between being, alchemy, imagination, creativity, self-transformation and positive living in an interactive universe. It details how the dynamic of energy exchange works between people, ultimately enabling you to live a more creative, energized, vital and excited life.

We explore the role and definition of the artist, expanding it to include all those who are inquisitive and on a focused path. It also serves to help people with a feeling for living a fuller life to be able to truly understand their own nature and what they are here to do. This is a time in consciousness and in humanity and the planet’s evolution for all people to respond to their inner calling and come forward in truth and authenticity to contribute what is uniquely yours to contribute.

This book is designed to help you discover your true calling and how to work with the energies of life to reveal, develop, and express that which we both need and you will benefit from sharing.

Key sections of the book:

  • Exploring stages of self-transformation as they naturally occur in life
  • Exploring different ways of knowing and reading energy
  • What it means to be uniquely you and genuinely creative
  • Exploring the creative zone and the alchemy of creativity
  • The idea of pollution as a personal as well as corporate issue.
  • Changing states of consciousness at will
  • *And how becoming self aware is actually a contribution to the evolution of consciousness and the well being of the planet.

I am currently in the process of producing this book with an estimated publication time of January 2017. Subscribe to my mailing list for updates.