Dowsers Conference 2016! Success!

Welcome to my Dowser’s post-conference page! What an amazing time! I’m glad we have met and seen each other again. I love you all. Thank you so much for your continuing interest in what I offer and for wanting to stay connected.

You are probably home and, like me, reflecting on the fun time you’ve had, the things you’ve learned, people you’ve met… and all the richness of our magical Dowser’s weekend.

To add to that, here are some goodies for you!

If you came to my workshop “Intuitive Resonance: Finding The True You“, you will have Dynamic Emergence ringing through your ears, and you would also have been invited to participate in the 7 Stages of Self Transformation online workshop, which is coming up soon.  And if you couldn’t come, you can join us now!  To stay informed on both these, I invite you to sign up below for updates.

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Please enjoy the audio of my talk “Intuitive Resonance: Finding The True You” (a video of it will be coming soon).

And, in case you missed it or simply want to see it again, check out the Purple Nature Sound Art Meditation right here! And, if you like the song Morning Chant that goes with this meditation, you can hear & buy it here!

I hope to see you again very soon,


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