Classes & Training

Four week series: meet for one 2hr session/week. Greater Bay Area. Contact to book and for details.

  1. Dynamic Emergence (discover your true connection to our communicative Universe and the magic of you in it – benefit from a new model of Consciousness that respects how you are uniquely creative in this World and why ‘you being you’ matters).
  2. Voice for Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment & Community Building (become familiar with your unique voice, your needs, and how to build trust: focus on music, energy, risk-taking & discovery).
  3. Public Speaking & Messaging (hone your intention, your message and deliver it successfully).
Previously Taught:
    1. Nature’s Sounds for Healing (learn about how we reflect Nature and how Nature’s sounds can heal us and reveal amazing patterns of the Universe).
    2. Energetics and Mastery of Communication (understand, practice and develop honest, powerful, clear communication skills for life).
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    Dynamic Emergence

    In this 6 week workshop, using excerpts from the working copy of Dynamic Emergence, we will review the phenomena of Dynamic Emergence as a process of creativity, innovation and personal development. Learn how the universe is teaching us all the time in its own collaborative and interactive way. Learn how to become more masterful at reading the signs – through your own responses – and navigating the events in your life with more curiosity, vitality… and less fear. This workshop is currently offered remotely with creative writing and exercises that can fit your schedule, as well as the opportunity to work directly with Clare.

    The Dynamic Emergence Workshop