“You Are The Chosen One” – producing a song

I wrote this song a long time ago, perhaps around 2001. It was a simple song based on a beautiful girl I met at Oakland Children’s Hospital when I used to do music healing there, for about 5 wonderful years. Her name was Jenny. I don’t know what her condition was – all that was confidential – but we met in the heart and she stimulated something in me that I wanted to give back to her.

I offer you two versions; the original that she heard, and then the more produced version that I did for licensing some years later. The cellist is Suellen Primost, wonderful drummer Jim Cassis (he also played on Desert Highway, Feathers of the Heart) and the co-producer and pianist is Caroline Penwarden. For me collaboration takes things to a whole other level of beauty, intrigue and imagination.

Original – solo

Produced – collaboration.