How Sound can change the World

All the information for joining us M/W/F 10amPST/1pmEST/6pmGMT is here.

Standing Rock tribal community

I’ve been up to something these last few weeks that I feel a need to share more broadly, more overtly. I’ve been praying… with sound, with people. In retrospect, and for those that know me, this is probably less of a surprise than it seems to be for me. So let me say more about my journey with it and why I think you should come join us.

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Sound Groves – come sing for peace

When we consider the trees as our sacred family, we can talk, listen, feel, touch and sing as one.Welcome – at this time it is important that we can come together to weave our voices in solidarity and powerful love for humanity’s health, for the planet’s health, especially including water and trees right now, and for our shared love. We need to enter peace. And this is something we can only find within ourselves, together.

Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10amPST/1pmEST/6pmGMT (on my wall)

Every Sunday 10amPST/1pmEST/6pmGMT

This will continue until something says otherwise. See you in the Sound Grove… [click ‘read more’ for participation guidelines]

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