“C-George” a film by Roman Bostick & Cassie Ann-Ross

I worked on this as a collaboration with Richard Bradshaw, Roman Bostick and Cassie Ann-Ross. A surreal piece created by four crazy artists – two of whom are film-makers, one a musician and all four philosophers. Exploring realities past, present and future. Prepare to go off the edge into the void… written and filmed by Cassie … Read more

“Dancing with Gaia” – Jo Carson movie

Dancing With Gaia” – excerpt. Director/Writer/Producer Jo Carson invited me to write and perform an original Goddess Song – Multipart Vox Clare Hedin & Djembe; Richard Bradshaw. The movie is about the pagan tradition in relation to the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine. The music incants the names of various goddesses, in their honor.

All rights reserved.

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