Building the boat, whilst out at sea.

Sometimes we just don’t know what’s around the corner.

About 6 months ago, I started working with an organisation called YesCalifornia; I was nervous about the direction the world was headed, and terrified that the new administration were going to plummet us into new depths of social conflict and environmental degradation. If life wanted to get my attention, this was the way to do it. Put Trump in as president, frighten my feminist values and my feminine self, whilst concurrently threatening my home, my planet, my environment, and the communities around me, as well as my values around education, freedom of speech and the desire not to go to war, for anything. Serendipity left nothing out. [Read more…] about Building the boat, whilst out at sea.

How Sound can change the World

All the information for joining us M/W/F 10amPST/1pmEST/6pmGMT is here.

Standing Rock tribal community

I’ve been up to something these last few weeks that I feel a need to share more broadly, more overtly. I’ve been praying… with sound, with people. In retrospect, and for those that know me, this is probably less of a surprise than it seems to be for me. So let me say more about my journey with it and why I think you should come join us. [Read more…] about How Sound can change the World

Harmonics and Soul in Yoga

“There are harmonics our souls yearn for… seek and, when heard, it strikes a deep chord of remembrance that we haven’t had before in this lifetime. Clare’s voice plunged me into this return to home, so her voice is truly of the divine. I’ve been waiting for her voice all my life.” Jan Cercone, Sound Healing Center, CA

An opportunity to sing with Christopher Love, Perry Dexter, Gabriel Goldberg in Darren Main’s Grace Cathedral, Yoga on the Labyrinth. It really is a beautiful experience.

Aura Sound Healing Video – Dowsers Conference 2016!

Hi there,

This July I participated in the Dowsers 2016 Conference, in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of the most unusual things that happened was that Dennis, of Aural Imaging video’d me giving someone a sound healing! If you watch this video, you will see the most amazing transitions in our auras, as I sing.

Watch how the Aura moves as the music – and energy – changes!

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