Grieve your future, find your hope.

Written for you who see only trouble when you think of Extinction Rebellion.
For those who are Extinction Rebellion.
And for those that, like me, have to take time to grieve.

As a Western consumerist culture, we are often asked to avoid our grief – this seems unfortunate, unhelpful and unhealthy. Today is about being with our grief, fear, and feelings of deep loss.*

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What do Artists do for society?

Recently I gave a talk at Foundation for Mind-Being Research. It was called ‘Consciousness, from an Artist’s Perspective’. It feels important to share with you the aspect where I really dial in to what Artists actually do for our collective consciousness. Further down the article you will see the particular slides that relate to this subject. I start by sharing my own background and influences. I grew up in a family of engineers, sports, lots of reading, my dog William (!), TV (like so many others), healthy family meals, school and, perhaps most importantly, the influence of hours spent roaming in Epping Forest, Essex (‘Epping Forest’ song included below), and contemplating on the stony beach of Aldeburgh, Suffolk: Two landscapes, portals from the known to the unknown, that shaped my soul in the most precious of ways.

Please find below a slideshow highlighting the Artist’s perspective, with some individually commented on, below:

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Inner Journeys with Greg Friedman

A radio interview with Greg Friedman and Donny (who did an amazing job on selecting and playing music from the reams of songs I sent him!) was tremendous fun. We played a lot of my music, some live, and enjoyed discussing love, healing, spirituality and personal evolution. Quite a ride round the Cosmos!