Mandala Mandorla – serendipity as a sign.

One day I was taking a walk, a walk I do often, along the water’s edge between Richmond, CA, and El Cerrito. It’s a beautiful walk.

As I continued on my way, I happened to reach some stairs that led down to a tiny beach. I noticed a man walking up the stairs. He seemed kind, and happy… quite at peace. We nodded to one another, and I carried on my way. Not many paces later, something told me to stop and look back at the water. I saw him doing the same.

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Inner Journeys with Greg Friedman

A radio interview with Greg Friedman and Donny (who did an amazing job on selecting and playing music from the reams of songs I sent him!) was tremendous fun. We played a lot of my music, some live, and enjoyed discussing love, healing, spirituality and personal evolution. Quite a ride round the Cosmos!

What enables a real conversation to happen?

I was invited to be a ‘conversationalist’ amongst a small group, hosted by Gaunt’s House , South West of England. We spent 5 days in each others company purely focused on listening for the greater conversation, to weave our uniqueness together – some of us artists, philosophers, gardeners and Trustees. Here, after the gathering, I was interviewed to share … Read more