Healing, Creativity & You – the missing link?

DSC04662_2The other day I noticed how tense I was. I wasn’t happy about it – which then made me angry and tense. Then I thought ‘but this isn’t me‘ which of course then made me sad, angry and tense! Not a winning streak, I thought to myself. On reflection, I asked myself when I was last ‘creative’ in the conventional sense of the word i.e. when had I last painted, sung, written, just for the joy of the self expression and freedom (or a sense of) that it elicits? Hmmm. weeks, really. So then the question has to be asked ‘why?’ What is it that stops us in our tracks and removes us from the playing field of creativity? And is the reunion of us with our creativity a good definition of healing?

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A Life Worth Living

Hello Fellow Humans,

I’ve been thinking (yes, again!) and I’ve decided that if I think I have a good idea, well… I should share it. How else will I find out if it’s got traction?

It’s to do with our whole complex organization around life and business, business and creativity, business as a spiritual path that is strengthened by social justice (what?) and measured by everybody’s – yes everybody’s – joy.  I just said business three times in one sentence. That’s new. And I just completed a semester of teaching Creativity & Innovation for business, so I’m all fired up with the potential for positive change!

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Why Death Matters

I was sitting here, on my big green couch, in LA, watching the NBC coverage of the Olympics. It was Saturday night and we seemed to have taken an unexpected turn into the story of World War II – not sure why and, surprisingly, it has prompted this entire blog.

For me, after years of growing up in England, watching BBC documentaries on WWII, something finally sank in that night, when NBC spelled out that the Germans bombed London every single night for 73 consecutive days (the Blitz). Really imagine that! Suddenly it was easy to picture being there, having to run deep underground into the bowels of London’s underground system – the subways – every night to sleep with 1000’s of other strangers-becoming-friends, and being dazed every morning as you’d come back into the light of day from the train tunnels only to see nothing as you remembered it from the day before. Rubble, rising dust clouds, eery quiet, silent bodies, missing buildings, unfamiliar sounds of recovery, loss and surprise. Death had come to visit. And it got me thinking… death matters; but why?

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Dowsing For Enlightenment!

Here is the recording of the talk I gave on Dowsing for Enlightenment (details below).

And I have a REQUEST: please scroll down to bottom of page and leave your comments/feedback below on your experience of the sounds/singing that I shared live that day, and/or the talk itself – I’d love to include your feedback on my site. Thank you! And have a beautiful day! … Clare

(remember, scroll down for comments box or click on ‘leave a comment’ above!… A good question to ask yourself if wondering what to write “what did I experience when Clare sang? What did I learn, or revisit, when I listened to Clare talk?”) 

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Debate or Debacle??

As we wind ever closer to the US elections – the choices do not seem promising in either direction. And that seems to be the problem; there are only two directions and neither of them are speaking about what I feel matters… acknowledging the sentience of Earth and Nature! And why does that matter, you might ask?

Because without that basic knowledge, decisions are rotating around principles of money and resources, not context or meaning, not on celebrating and supporting basic needs like health, somewhere to live and freedom of speech. So I wonder ‘how would we manage without human-friendly air, water, food or protection from the more aggressive sun rays?

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