Aura Sound Healing Video – Dowsers Conference 2016!

Hi there,

This July I participated in the Dowsers 2016 Conference, in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of the most unusual things that happened was that Dennis, of Aural Imaging video’d me giving someone a sound healing! If you watch this video, you will see the most amazing transitions in our auras, as I sing.

Watch how the Aura moves as the music – and energy – changes!

Each of us has an electromagnetic field, generated by 7 main chakras that are central to our body’s health and the way we interact (interface) with the world. They each have a colour and a frequency. In this video we are focused on the colour. The thing to notice is that the aura is constantly changing – and this is true of us all. Even when we are not in a sound healing, we find our moods and thoughts changing. As this is happening, our aura is moving and changing colours too. Perhaps not as rapidly as it is here, with the focus on our shared energy field, but at its own pace it will change. For instance, if you had an argument with someone, your aura would possibly flush red (depending on what you fought about). So you see, that phrase ‘red with anger’ does come from somewhere!

You can find out much more about auras and chakras from many books. A big healer with a reputation to match, Barbara Brennan, has a couple of wonderful books “Hands of Light” that you can find online, and so does Anodea Judith; “Wheels of Light” on Chakras and healing.

The description below gives my own analysis of what is happening here:

  • Blue is the throat chakra color and you can see how much blue there is whilst I am singing.
  • Pink is softness and receptivity.
  • Red is the root chakra, grounding and fundamental to our building a life.
  • Orange is creativity and relating to someone/something.
  • White is high source energy.
  • Green/yellow is the heart and activation of healing – it occurs at beginning and end of the session. Yellow on its own is the solar plexus chakra – the personal will expressing itself.
  • Purple is the soul coming into alignment.

*The audio is slightly distorted in places as the voice was more powerful (with all the harmonics in it too) than the mic could handle – the quality has been edited a little to help with the sound.

This was filmed by Dennis @ Aura Imaging: